Community Host Program

The Feather River College Foundation’s Community Host Program aims to give Feather River College students a chance to connect with the local community members to help them transition into their new life in Quincy. Community Hosts Parents are the life line of the program. Their time and support helps kids, many of whom come over seas and across states, to feel at home in what can be a very lonely place.

After a screening process, students will be matched with members of the community who share similar interests. After that, the program can be whatever you make it. Whether it’s occasional dinners, to help remind the kids what a home cooked meal tastes like, a day at the lake, or just to  be a familiar face at sporting events, the Community Host Program offers a myriad of fulfilling ways to help a student attending college.

The Nitty-Gritty for Community Host Parents

As a Community Host Parent, you would be volunteering your time to support one or two college kids who need a familiar face in their new environment. There is little to no financial commitment with the program.

If you prefer, you can request more than one student. Often it helps the students to adjust when they have a peer by their side, in fact many of our applicants request to be paired with their friends.

Also, this program is fully funded and sponsored by the Foundation. Understand that this is completely voluntary, but we do appreciate your investment in the success of Feather River College students with your time. If you have any issues or questions, contact

Comm Host

What’s in it For You?

Having an adult influence is extremely beneficial to a new college student.  They are at a very pivotal time in their lives, and having someone around for support is essential for their success. In being a Community Host Parent, you would be involved in the making of a great person.  Some of the benefits for you are:

o   Influencing a student’s success at Feather River College

o   Interacting with the younger generation

o   Offering counsel and support to a student

o   Interaction with fellow participating community members

o   Being a network to a student who might move back to the area

A Few Ways to Participate

Here are some examples of what you can do with your student(s):

o   Go on a hike

o   Have a game night

o   Have them over for dinner

o   Show them your favorite spot in Quincy

o   Take them to the movies

o   Go to a few of their sporting events

o   Take them to Reno

Application to be a Host Family

Application to be a Host Student

Foundation Support

The Foundation members hope to interact with the hosts and students all along the way. There will be a few Foundation events throughout the year specifically for the Community Host Program, and we invite everyone to participate.