The FRC Foundation awards thousands of dollars of scholarships every year to students who may not otherwise be able to afford an education.

Help Us Establish a Scholarship

            Through the generosity of individuals, businesses, and organizations, the FRC Foundation awards thousands of dollars in scholarships each year. FRC Foundation scholarships help students pay tuition and fees, and other eligible educational expenses required for their area of study. When you establish a FRC Foundation scholarship, you can be confident you are investing in the community’s future.

FRC Graduation-33Everything is in place to make creating a scholarship an easy and rewarding experience. Scholarships can be established at any time during the year. Scholarship donors can participate in the scholarship review process, receive recipients’ thank you letters, and meet with recipients at the annual Scholarship reception.

Establishing a FRC Foundation scholarship is easier than you might think!

  1. Decide the type of support you wish to provide:
    • A scholarship endowment, which will provide scholarships in perpetuity, can be established for $10,000. The initial gift is invested, and scholarship awards are determined each year by the Foundation Board of Directors
    • An annual scholarship with limited criteria can be established for $500. Annual scholarships are funded on a year-by-year basis by the donor.
    • Often donors wish to build an endowment and help students right away. Many endowed scholarship sponsors choose to make two gifts each year until the endowment is self-sustaining – one to grow the endowment and the other to be awarded immediately. This solution is a satisfying way to immediately enjoy the benefits of being a scholarship sponsor while building an endowed fund that will support scholarships for generations.
    • A one-time general scholarship can be named to honor the donor for a gift of $1000.
  1. Decide the focus of your scholarship (i.e., general scholarships, scholarships for first generation, low-income students, scholarships for art students or other area of study).
  2. Sign an agreement with the FRC Foundation.
  3. Make your gift! Restricted gifts are charged a small gift fee when made.