Foundation Awards Heaps of Scholarships

More than 30 students at Feather River College have something to be excited about this semester: free money in their pockets. The Feather River College Foundation set a record this semester and awarded over $14,000 in student scholarships to 33 deserving students.

   Every year, the Foundation awards approximately $13,000 to students. This semester, thanks to the generosity of donors and the Foundation’s fundraising efforts, the Foundation was able to award more then that amount in one semester.

   Award amounts varied from $250 to $700 per student. The goal of the Foundation Scholarship Committee was to award each illegible student with something. Awarding scholarships in the spring semester is a new endeavor for the Foundation.

   The past policy was to award the entire bulk of the Foundation scholarships to students in the fall semester. Students would be awarded two scholarships that way, one for the fall and one for the spring. Feather River College Foundation Executive Director Carolyn Shipp said that system often allowed for students to fall through the cracks.

   “When we only awarded the students who applied in the fall, that meant we were overlooking the students who maybe were ineligible that particular semester due to units or financial aid requirements.” Shipp said.

   The spring awards help in identifying students who still had financial need. Shipp said the new awarding system also opened up a new pool of applicants.

   “We had a wide range of applicants this semester.” Shipp reported.  “I think giving the students a semester to get their bearings helped in the application process.”

   During the fall semester, the Foundation awarded more than $6,000 to students. Making 2016-2017 a record year all around for student awards with the Foundation awarding more than $20,000.

   Shipp said the scholarships are funded through the Barnard Osher Endowment program, local community donors, and the Feather River College Foundation.

   “The community made this possible, and we can’t thank our donors enough for their participation in this process.” Shipp said. “This money makes all the difference to a student’s life at FRC.”

   For more information on how to participate in or support the Foundation’s Scholarship Program please visit or email