Foundation Board Members

Meet our Board of Directors

Kris Miravalle – President

Kris Miravalle’s passion for Feather River College, her alumnus, motivated her to remain a part of it. A manager for Bank of America, Kris attended FRC in 1977 with her high school sweetheart, Butch. In 1980, Kris and Butch moved back to Quincy and raised their two daughters Amanda, an office manager, and Emma, who works at the Housing Authority in Quincy.

Kris was voted Plumas County Citizen of the Year in 2014 and brings a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm for the community to the Foundation Board. Kris enjoys the small town feel of Plumas County. She likes to garden, play softball and volunteer.

“The college brings in such a diverse group of students that help make our community interesting.  I can’t think of another place that I’d rather live.”

Russell Reid- Vice President

As the patriarch and department chair of the Agriculture and Equine Programs at FRC, Russell Reid used his knowledge and passion for FRC to help found the FRC Foundation in the early 1980’s. Born in Sacramento, Russell and his wife, Beth have lived and worked in Plumas County for more than forty years. Teaching agriculture runs in the family it seems as their two children, Tim and Katie, are both high school agriculture teachers.

Along with teaching, Russell is a pack station operator, a rancher, and a member of a variety of foundation boards. In his free time, you can find him baling hay, digging ditches or spending time with his grandson, Reid.

It seems that the folks who want to attend and work at FRC will be successful and will also make good friends too. How could you not really appreciate and treasure a special place like that and do what you can to make sure it will continue?”

Marie Anderson – Membership & Alumni Committee Chair


FRC alumni Marie Anderson has been a commercial loan officer for Plumas Bank for about ten years. A Plumas County local, Anderson and her family have made a valuable impact on the agriculture industry in Plumas County. Anderson’s forte is horses, and brings her passion to the youth in the community as a 4-H horse group leader and horse show coordinator.

She met her husband, Todd, of 29 years while they were both attending Feather River College. She and Todd have four children; Sabrina, who lives in Reno with her husband and two sons; Shonna, an office manager in Sacramento; Lindsay, a stylist in Reno; and Cody, FRC Baseball alumni and pitcher for the Cleveland Indians.

“I appreciate the support that the college gives the community through jobs, educational opportunities and use of facilities. I feel that the college is an important part of our community and the success of us all is dependent on the success of the college as well.”

Dr. Lisa Kelly – Event & Fundraising Chair

Vibrant Dr.Lisa Kelly has been a driving force in the Foundation’s fundraising and community events. Lisa has an innate ability to bring people together in a community.  With a PhD in Curriculum and Instruction from Purdue University, Kelly is no stranger to the complexities of the community college systems. Her skills as a promoter and organizer shine brightest as a member of the Foundation.

Lisa enjoys life here in Plumas County with her husband Mike Kelly, a contractor in Quincy. They have five children who love to come home and take time out from their busy lives. 

In her spare time, Lisa enjoys the outdoors, taking pictures, riding horses and skiing.

“FRC is a field of dreams that has it all!”

Nancy Gambell – Secretary

A Quincy High School graduate, Nancy Gambell returned to her hometown of Quincy after living in Seattle for 45 years. She spent the first few years of her return volunteering at Quincy High School, until Gambell was recruited to the Plumas Unified School District as an office staff member.

Gambell has two sons, two step sons and seven grandchildren, most of whom live in Seattle. After watching the influence that Feather River College has on the community, Gambell wanted to make sure she did what she could to help the college. Gambell is an active participant and volunteer in the Foundation’s fundraisers and the Plumas-Sierra County Fair. Gambell also enjoys cruising in her Jeep and exploring the many nooks and crannies of Plumas County.

“The interaction between this incredible influx of students and the community on campus, and our [community] is magical. I can only see a great and grand future as this college continues to mature.”

Dr. Kevin Trutna

As the President and Superintendent of Feather River College, Dr. Kevin Trunta brings a knowledge for college needs and a heart for students to the Foundation Board. He has been the President of the college since 2012 and he brings 29 years of experience working in higher education to his job.

Kevin enjoys the supportive atmosphere for the college that is felt throughout the entire community. In his free time he enjoys fishing, hiking, cooking and camping.

“We jokingly say ‘If we can get a prospective student to visit the campus, they will always enroll at FRC’. FRC is small, unique, and I appreciate that it is the best college in California.”

Bill Elliott – Feather River College Board Trustee

Bill Elliot plays dual roles at Feather River College, both as a member of the Board of Trustees and a FRC Foundation Board Member. After serving as the President and CEO of Plumas Bank for more than 18 years, Bill is an active participant in the community . He has been married to his wife, a former Quincy High School English teacher, for more than 50 years. They have three grown children, all living in Southern California, with two of them working in education.

Bill is also a Director on the Plumas Bancorp Board and a Rotarian.. He and his wife enjoy traveling, reading, participating in the community and the beauty of Plumas County.

“Serving on the Foundation Board as well as the college Board of Trustees provides me the opportunity to give back to the community that, over the years, has been so good to me and my family.”

John Sheehan – Member at Large


A retiree of the nonprofit sector, John Sheehan has been an advocate for tourism, natural resources, and community development in Plumas County for more than 20 years. His late wife, Mary Dovi, was an elementary school teacher in Quincy for 30 years. Together they had three boys; Terry a school teacher; Patrick, an architect; and Brian, a physician.

Mr. Sheehan is an accomplished artist and uses Plumas County’s natural surroundings and history as his muse. He is a member of the Main Street Artists guild, the Feather River College Board of Trustees, the Plumas County Fire Safe council, and many other public service clubs.

“Feather River College is delivering a broad view of society to its students and I appreciate the opportunities that are available to all students.”

J.P. Harrison – Member at Large

Ranch owner J.P. Harrison has been a longtime supporter of the agriculture opportunities at FRC. A recent recruit to the board, Harrison brings 40 years of experience in the agriculture industry. She and her husband, Byrd, own Green Gulch Ranch in Sierra Valley, which is operated by their son Zac and his family. Their daughter, Emily, and her husband live in Colorado where Emily works as a landscape architect.

Harrison is an outdoors woman, as well as an active volunteer in the community. She enjoys hiking, golfing, crossing country skiing and fishing.

“I have lived here a long time and seen FRC grow a lot. The college is dedicated to the students.”

Feather River College Foundation Staff