Foundation presents Fundraising and Membership Opportunities

It is fundraising season here at the Feather River College Foundation. With our inaugural presentation of Dancing with the Stars under our belt, and our annual Quincy Stars Follies coming up in May, it seems we have an affinity for dancing events. However, with the overwhelming community turnout at Dancing with the Stars last weekend, and consistently sold out shows at Follies, it appears Plumas County enjoys tapping its toes as much as we do.

Gotta Dance!

Dancing with the Stars, Plumas County style, was a huge success. We estimated we grossed over $9,000 in one night. Our show was oversold and we had to bring chairs in for the many attendees who wanted to see local “celebrities” perform extremely impressive dance routines.  About half of our proceeds went directly to six FRC organizations whose students volunteered at the event. We had 52 students volunteering with us, as well as the entire Culinary Arts program working for 9.5 hours (on a holiday no less) to get the most tasty appetizers and desserts to our floor side tables.


Twenty dancers from all over the county, three judges and two M.C’s pose for a picture after the Foundation’s Dancing with the Stars event on Feb. 13. The event was a huge success and a great time for all.

Having such a strong student presence was great for everyone. Not only did it put faces to the Foundation’s cause, it also offered an opportunity for those organizations to raise some funds because, after all, it’s all for the students anyway.

We also have to give a huge shout out to the Sierra Pacific Foundation, who donated us $2000 toward spf-logothe event. With that money we were able to buy much needed technical equipment to run the event. It would not have gone as smoothly without the Foundation’s generous donation. What a great display of community support from them.

We’re gearing up for next year already. With such positive feedback from the community and so much school spirit, how could we not want to recreate this every year? Now we’re on the search for dancers. If you know of a good “celebritiy” or “coach” who would dance for a good cause let us know!


Get ready for the Foundation’s next fundraiser, Quincy Star Follies on May 15 and 16!

Bring on the Folly

May 15 and 16 is our annual presentation of the best party in Plumas County, Quincy Star Follies. Mark your calendars and get ready for a great time! The lip sync/ dance show is gearing up to be the best ever. We are still on the look out for cast members. It is a small $40 fee to participate and that covers dinners during the show and T-shirts. FRC students can participate for free. Check out the website for more info

Want to Become a Member?

The FRC Foundation has recently established a new membership process and we invite anyone interested in raising money for FRC, helping students and staff succeed, and connecting the community with Feather River College to consider applying.

We have two types of membership for those interested. The first is to be on the Board of Directors and the second is by becoming a Friend of the Foundation.

The Board of Directors are the voting members of the Foundation and consist of two classifications: The Officers and Members at Large. We currently are looking for one Officer (a secretary), and two members at large to participate. There is a yearly dues of $125 to participate on the Board.

Friends of the Foundation are non-voting members and they contribute to the Foundation through valued input and participation on committees.  If you believe in the work the Foundation is doing and want to participate without having to invest too much time, this is the category for you. There is a yearly dues of $25 to participate as a Friend of the Foundation.

Please visit for more information.