Joint Board Meeting Boasts of Foundation Accomplishments

December 8th was the annual joint board meeting between the Feather River College Board of Trustees and the Feather River College Foundation, and we got to “show off” yet another year of accomplishments, and get to know the college board a little better.

We call this meeting our time to brag, so brag we did. We bragged about the more than $10,000 worth of mini grants we gave out in 2016. We bragged about our amazing fundraising season, with the reintroduction of our Murder Mystery Dinner, which sold out this year, and our Follies, which will be a St. Patrick’s Day weekend. We bragged about the record student participation in our Follies event last year, even noting that an FRC graduate is returning on his spring break just to participate in Follies this year… Talk about a lasting impression.

We couldn’t help but boast about our strategic plan that we have lined out for the 2016-2017 year. A plan that includes the development of a “student exchange thrift store”, where graduating students (and the community) can donate their couches, forks, vacuums…whatever, to be made available for incoming students. We recognize that living in such a rural area can make for a hard start up, so we wanted to help by making those essentials available and affordable.

Another strategic plan goal is to look into the establishment of a full tuition scholarship for each Plumas County high school graduate. The aim is to be able to provide each local high schooler with an opportunity to attend Feather River College with no tuition costs. It is a big goal, but then again, we don’t dream small here at the Foundation.

The night ended with a get together at Moon’s Restaurant, with Trustees, Foundation Members, and their spouses mingling and getting to know each other a little better.


Vice President Russell Reid presents Bill and Martha Wright with a Memorial Bill Peters Print in honor of Jay and Judy Wright. The print will be displayed at FRC in commemoration of the influential work Jay and Judy did on behalf of FRC.

Every year, the Foundation strives to recognize an influential person or persons who impacted Feather River College in some way.  This year, Foundation Vice President Russell Reid presented a Bill Peters Memorial Golden Eagle print to the members of the Wright Family, Bill and Martha, in honor of Jay and Judy Wright.
The community lost two exceptional individuals in the past year when Jay and Judy passed away. Jay was a pioneer at Feather River College. He established the Hatchery Program and helped build upon the wildlife and park management programs. Judy was an employee at FRC as well and “always had a smile on her face,” said Reid. The print and a plaque will be displayed at FRC “so we don’t forget such important people who helped build this college.”

If you are interested in helping build the college, or be apart of our growing team, feel free to shoot me (Carolyn)  an email at Otherwise stay tuned for more updates and have a great holiday season!