New Happenings at the Feather River College Foundation

Hello! Welcome to the Feather River College Foundation blog. Here we will keep you updated on newsworthy developments and events affiliated with the Foundation. Since it’s a few months into the semester, we have some things to catch up on, so bunker down an get ready to read the exciting things the Foundation is up to.

Foundation Hires a New Executive Director 

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(From Left to Right) Feather River College Foundation Officers Marie Anderson , Kris Miravalle, Russell Reid, and Lisa Kelly welcome the Foundation’s new Executive Director Carolyn Shipp (center) to the job.

The Foundation began a new chapter in August by hiring its first Executive Director ever.

Carolyn Shipp , a Feather River College Alumni and Plumas County local, stepped in to the newly created position to foster the Foundation’s growth in some of the best financial circumstances it has been in since its establishment in 1988.

“The timing was right,” said Foundation President Kris Miravalle. “We’ve been trying to muddle through with volunteers but the continuity hasn’t been there. Now, with an Executive Director we’re hoping to accomplish great things.”

Community Host Program is Off and Running

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(pictured top) FRC soccer players Stacy Cavill, Josefin Leberger, Emily Smith, Community Host Stacy Saez, , and Matilda Bylund enjoy a day at Bucks Lake.

In an effort to help students feel comfortable in their new life as college students in Quincy, the Foundation presented the Community Host Program to incoming students, and invited Plumas County citizens to participate.

The program was founded in 2009 by the Foundation and aims to help kids feel more comfortable at FRC. It connects the community with the kids by matching them up through an application process. When the families are matched up, the program can be whatever they want to make it.  Whether it’s occasional dinners, to help remind the kids what a home cooked meal tastes like,  or a day at the lake, or just to  be a familiar face at their sporting events, the program offers a myriad of fulfilling ways to help a student feel more at home.

As of now, we have 49 students matched up with 25 families and we have a waiting list of families who would like a student. The feed back from those who are currently participating is very positive and we are excited to continue developing it into a great Foundation sponsored program.

Mystery Dinner Kicks off Fundraising Yearmurdermystery poster

We just wrapped up our second annual Murder Mystery Dinner Fundraiser led by our amazing Fundraising Chair and Board member Lisa Kelly. The event featured a show by some of Quincy’s greatest talent, including FRC drama teacher Terry Gallagher, FRC Foundation member Lisa Kelly, FRC employee Brian Plocki, and many more local thespians.

This year’s mystery featured a reunion of the cast of the old fifties show “Make Way for Winky”. Each character with their own quirky characteristics that made figuring out who killed Aunt Cora and why a challenging, but fun, feat.

The show ran two nights and it was a great hit. We are still working on the numbers, but we know that along with funds, we raised a bunch of awareness for the Foundation, with over eighty people attending the two shows. Judging by the rolling laughter throughout the evening, everyone had a good time, including a few students who got to make use of some sponsored tickets (thank you to our generous donors).

The Cast of the "Make Way for Winky Show" display their many questionable characteristics while duel-personality show host Barry/ Private Investigator Nick digs deeper.

The Cast of the “Make Way for Winky Show” display their many questionable characteristics while duel-personality show host Barry/ Private Investigator Nick digs deeper at the Foundation’s Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre

All the proceeds from the event go towards enhancing the programs at FRC and helping students succeed, whether it be through scholarships, events, or programs like the Community Host Program.

We are very proud of where the Foundation is, and how it is progressing. We are working on growing our support systems and collaborating with the college to figure out the best ways to help the school.

Stay tuned for more updates and ways to support the Foundation, and thanks for stopping by!