Small Grants are a Big Help


Lets start this blog off with a big congrats to FRC soccer player Zak McCarthy and Dance Coach Gracie Yates for stealing the show at Dancing With the Stars! Such a great success and soooo many talented couples. The judges had their work cut out for them! Thank you to all who participated and volunteered!


It was a battle between the James’ and Linds(a)eys but James Shipp and Lindsey Kimzey took second!



And James Wilson and Lindsay Davis snatched third!

The spring semester has been a productive one for the Feather River College Foundation. Both of the Foundation’s fundraising events, Quincy Star Follies and Dancing With the Stars were sold out and the feed back has been great. However, The common question we get at the Foundation is where does the money we raise at these events go?

Right now, the main recipient of those funds is the Foundation’s inaugural mini grant program. Though it is a new program to everyone involved, it is proving to be an invaluable addition to the many ways the Foundation strives to help the College. It is not just valuable to the recipients,but to us as the Foundation. We are getting a glimpse of the needs at FRC,k which is becoming a building block for more as the Foundation keeps growing in ideas and scope.

In spring of 2015 the Foundation established its first round of staff and department mini-grants. The grants can vary from $100 to $1000 and are meant to provide extra support to programs and departments at Feather River College. Now, after three rounds of awards, the Foundation has awarded over $11,000 to FRC staff and departments to enhance their programs for the betterment of their students.

From field trips, student conferences, and sand volleyballs, to iPads and stethoscopes, the Foundation has funded 17 grants to help programs in places that their budgets may fall short. The mini grants are awarded each semester, and selected by a Foundation committee made up of community members. The grant applications also provide a way for the Foundation to recognize the bigger needs of the school. We are getting a glimpse of the needs at FRC which is becoming a building block for more as the Foundation keeps growing in ideas and scope.

Of course there are other avenues in which we put our fundraising money, for example, The Community Host Program (*cough* Host families needed! *cough*), but FRC enrichment is our goal, and I think we’ve achieved it well through the mini grants.  Check out the link below for the full list of recipients in the 2015-2016 year.

Mini Grant Awards for Spring 2015- Spring 2016