What is so Great About the Feather River College Foundation?

Shakespeare said it best, “Though she be but little, she is fierce.”

Being a nonprofit beneficiary for one of the smallest community colleges in California is not without its challenges, but with grit and a little bit of creativity, we believe The Feather River College Foundation holds its own in a sea of big fish. We are a pioneer in many ways, and so it comes down to the question, what is so great about the Feather River College Foundation?

Our Board


The active and enthusiastic Foundation board members make a huge difference in the overwhelming success of our favorite fundraiser: Quincy Star Follies.

Without a doubt, the Feather River College Foundation Board of Directors is stacked with 12 of the brightest, most skilled and hardworking group of community volunteers imaginable. From bankers to business owners, FRC alumni to FRC employees, CPA’s, Insurance experts, and all in between. Having a diverse board makes all the difference when trying to make educated decisions in how to best help the college.

Our board is very active in the Foundation. Since its establishment in 1988 the individuals on the board are the hands and feet who raises the funds, manages the assets, monitors the accounts and makes sure the mission, to support Feather River College’s students and programs, is always the priority.

Our Assets

Did you know that the Feather River College Foundation owns some of the most commonly used assets at the school? The Residence Halls, the Fitness Center, the Meadows Apartments, even the horses at the Equine Center belong to the Foundation! It is our goal to make teaching and learning at Feather River College as easy and seamless as possible, which is why we are proud of the relationship we have with the college.

In fact, we are quite revolutionary in how we interact with and contribute to our college. The most common response I get when I say to other community college foundations that we own such essential assets to FRC is “Oh I wish…” or “That’s how it should always be!”

Though we are landlords, and the college graciously runs the businesses for us, we try to be as involved in the big decision making as possible. We take our job as benefactors to FRC very seriously. Whether it is through our Business Management Committee, who meets quarterly with FRC staff to go over the operation of the dorms, fitness center, and now the Meadows Apartments, or just by hearing input from the community, FRC staff, and students about how we can improve.

Our Student Connection


The Feather River College Volleyball team poses for a pic after performing in Feather River College Foundation’s annual production of Quincy Star Follies.

Making sure our efforts  effect students directly is an essential part to the decision making at the Foundation. Through efforts like our Community Host Program, we get to see firsthand how a community can help a student, and how a student can help a community.


Ashley Valor is all smiles as the price for her sale horse, Honor, hits $18,000 at last year’s annual Equine Program horse sale.

A student who spent two years riding a horse, both learning from each other, to take it through a sale where it fetches $18,000, all in effort to raise funds for a great program, shows how important a Foundation like ours is. A sports team dancing in lights on stage, to a community they are getting more familiar with by the day, shows how important a Foundation like ours is. Community members, who write a check every year for a student scholarship to celebrate the young talent who chose Quincy, shows how important a Foundation like ours is.

We are little, but our passion for our community and college is fierce. Though we do have areas to improve, and we are ever conscious of the economic restraints of being in a small community, we are gathering momentum and people are starting to realize for themselves what is so great about the Feather River College Foundation.